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Frequently Asked Questions

Which special markup codes are we allowed to use on boards that allow them?

Straight HTML is NOT allowed within message text. However, you are allowed to use the following codes to perform special formatting of the message body text.

  • [b]bold text[/b] will create bold text
  • [i]italicized text[/i] will create italicized text
  • [u]underlined text[/u] will create underlined text
  • [blockquote]block quoted text[/blockquote] will place text in a block quote
  • [color=red]red text[/color] will make red text
  • [link=][/link] will make a link to
  • [hl=yellow]yellow highlighted text[/hl] will make yellow highlighted text
  • [hr] will create an header rule (line across the page)
  • [ul][li]list item[/li][li]list item[/li][/ul] will create a un-ordered list
  • [ol][li]list item[/li][li]list item[/li][/ol] will create an ordered list
  • [image=http://web.address/image.gif] will create an image reference with small preview
  • [fimage=http://web.address/image.gif] will create a full image

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